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Artiest Titel jaar A - B Kant Nummer
Daniel Sahuleka Band, The We'll Go Out Tonight Part 2 1981 B D117
Danielle Deneuve The Rising Sun Part 1 1985 A D13
Danielle Deneuve The Rising Sun Part 2 1985 B D13
Danyel Gerard Butterfly 1971 A D111
Danyel Gerard Le Petit Ours En Pluche 1971 B D111
Darts Come Back My Love 1977 A D83
Darts Naff Off 1977 B D83
Daryl Hall & John Oates Maneater 1982 A D119
Daryl Hall & John Oates Delayed Reaction 1982 B D119
Dave Clark Five, The Look Before You Leap 1966 A D84
Dave Clark Five, The Please Tell Me Why 1966 B D84
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich Okay! 1967 A D85
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich He's A Raver 1967 B D85
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick And Tich Don Juan 1969 A D57
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick And Tich Margareta Lidman 1969 B D57
Dave Dee, Dozy, Breaky, Mick & Tich Bend It 1967 A D72
Dave Dee, Dozy, Breaky, Mick & Tich You Make It Move 1967 B D72
Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin I'm In A Diferend World 1984 A D47
Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin Henry And James 1984 B D47
David A. Stewart And Featuring Candy Dulfer Lily Was Here 1989 A D64
David A. Stewart And Featuring Candy Dulfer Lily Robs The Bank 1989 B D64
David Bowie Ashes To Ashes 1980 A D1
David Bowie Move On 1980 B D1
David Bowie China Girl 1983 A D42
David Bowie Shake It 1983 B D42
David Bowie Let's Dance 1983 A D118
David Bowie Cat People (Putting Out Fire) 1983 B D118
David Cassidy How Can I Be Sure 1972 A D102
David Cassidy Ricky's Tune 1972 B D102
David Cassidy January 1977 A D70
David Cassidy Junked Heart 1977 B D70
David Dundas Jeans On 1976 A D114
David Dundas Sleepy Serena 1976 B D114
David Ireland I'm In Love Again 1978 A D6
David Ireland Tangled Up In Love 1978 B D6
David Knopfler Soul Kissing 1983 A D19
David Knopfler Come To Me 1983 B D19
David Lee Roth California Girls 1985 A D8
David Lee Roth California Girls (Remix Version) 1985 B D8
David Sylvian Talking The Veil 1986 A D41
David Sylvian Answered Prayers 1986 B D41
De La Soul Me Myself And I 1989 A D12
De La Soul Brain Washed Follower 1989 B D12
Dean & Marc Tell Him No 1959 A D86
Dean & Marc Change Of Heart 1959 B D86
Dean Friedman Lydia 1978 A D39
Dean Friedman Well, Well Said The Rocking Chair (It's Gonna Be Alright) 1978 B D39
Dean Martin Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) 1958 A D126
Dean Martin Outta My Mind 1958 B D126
Debbie Superman 1979 A D18
Debbie Clapping Song 1979 B D18
Debbie Everybody Join Hands 1984 A D87
Debbie Tonight 1984 B D87
Deckchairs Overboard Fight For Love 1985 A D38
Deckchairs Overboard Love Takes Over 1985 B D38
Dedication Feeling Tight 1983 A D51
Dedication Feeling Tight (Instr.) 1983 B D51
Dee C. Lee See The Day 1985 A D23
Dee C. Lee The Paris Match 1985 B D23
Dee C. Lee Come Hell Or Waters High 1986 A D22
Dee C. Lee I Don't Mess 1986 B D22
Dee. Sign Passion Eterna (Dance Version) 1991 A D77
Dee. Sign Passion Eterna (Original Version) 1991 B D77
Del Amitri Be My Downfall 1992 A D75
Del Amitri Whiskey Remorse 1992 B D75
Demis Roussos My Friend The Wind 1973 A D88
Demis Roussos Lay It Down 1973 B D88
Demis Roussos Someday Somewhere 1973 A D89
Demis Roussos Lost In A Dream 1973 B D89
Demis Roussos So Dreamy 1975 A D30
Demis Roussos Happy To Be On An Island In The Sun 1975 B D30
Demis Roussos Schön Wie Mona Lisa (Wenn Ich Ein Maler Wär) 1975 A D31
Demis Roussos Wind, Wind 1975 B D31
Demis Roussos Die Bouzouki, Die Nacht Und Der Wein 1976 A D32
Demis Roussos Wenn Ich Wiederkomm' 1976 B D32
Demis Roussos Life In The City 1978 A D122
Demis Roussos I Just Dont Know What To Do With Myself 1978 B B122
Demis Roussos Lost In Love 1980 A D123
Demis Roussos Had To Run 1980 B D123
Demis Roussos Lament 1982 A D28
Demis Roussos We're Shinning 1982 B D28
Demis Roussos Follow Me 1982 A D29
Demis Roussos Song Without End 1982 B D29
Demis Roussos Graffiti 1989 A D124
Demis Roussos Step By Step 1989 B D124
Den Harrow Charleston 1986 A D69
Den Harrow Broken Radio 1986 B D69
Den Harrow Real Big Love 1992 A D74
Den Harrow I Need Your Love 1992 B D74
Deniece Williams & Johnny Mathis You're All I Need To Get By 1978 A D21
Deniece Williams & Johnny Mathis Me For You, You For Me 1978 B D21
Dennie Christian Marie-Louise 1975 A D59
Dennie Christian Sieben Briefe 1975 B D59
Dennie Christian Guust Flater En De Marsupilami 1978 A D116
Dennie Christian Dennie's Danklied 1978 B D116
Dennie Christian Du Weinst Zuviel 1980 A D7
Dennie Christian Nina 1980 B D7
Dennie Christian Auf Wiederseh'n 1982 A D90
Dennie Christian Vriendschap 1982 B D90
Dennis Tatomir Go Man Go Polka 1973 A D54

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