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4770 bestanden (1664 artiest (en).
Artiest Titel jaar A - B Kant Nummer
Lucy Steymel High Flyer 1983 A L37
Lucy Steymel Love Is A Full-Time Job 1983 B L37
Luisa Fernandez Lay Love On You 1977 A L5
Luisa Fernandez Make The Feel Alright 1977 B L5
Luisa Fernandez Loca Por Ti (Lay Love On You) (Version Española Original) 1977 A L6
Luisa Fernandez Make Me Feel Alright 1977 B L6
Luisa Fernandez New York Dance 1979 A L4
Luisa Fernandez Children Of The Night Unite 1979 B L4
Luisa Fernandez Lay Love On You (Remake '87) 1987 A L88
Luisa Fernandez Lay Love On You (Playback Version) 1987 B L88
Lushus Daim & The Pretty Vain More Than You Can Handle 1985 A L36
Lushus Daim & The Pretty Vain More Than You Can Handle (Instrumental) 1985 B L36
Luv Trojan Horse 1978 A L21
Luv Life Is On My Side 1978 B L21
Luv Ooh, Yes I Do 1979 A L22
Luv My Guy 1979 B L22
Luv Casanova 1979 A L45
Luv D.J. 1979 B L45
Luv Tingalingaling 1981 A L23
Luv Billy The Kid 1981 B L23
Lynn Anderson Rose Garden 1971 A L8
Lynn Anderson You're My Man 1971 B L8
Lynn Burton He'll Have To Stay 1960 B R110
Lynsey De Paul You Give Me Those Feelings 1977 A L99
Lynsey De Paul Beautiful 1977 B L99
Lys Assia Schwarze Perlen 1963 A L85
Lys Assia Heute (Singt Das Meer Tausend Lieder) (Quando Finisce L'Estate) 1963 B L85
Lys Assia Schick Mir Keine Roten Rosen Mehr 1964 B L84
Lys Assia Fühl Dich Bei Mir Wie Zu Hause 1964 A L84
M.C.Sar & The Real McCoy It's On You (Single Mix) 1990 A M142
M.C.Sar & The Real McCoy It's On You (Quick-House Mix) 1990 B M142
Maarten Peters Away (Don't Leave Me Here Alone) 1985 A M12
Maarten Peters Away (Instrumental) 1985 B M12
Maarten Peters & The Dream Take It Now 1986 A M11
Maarten Peters & The Dream One Night 1986 B M11
Machines, The Going Through The Motion 1985 A M9
Machines, The Something's Gonna Happen Tonight 1985 B M9
Machines, The I Hear Music 1986 A M10
Machines, The Rock Your Heart 1986 B M10
Mack Kissoon Get Down With It Statisfaction 1969 A M171
Mack Kissoon I Really Care About You 1969 B M171
Madness Embarassment 1980 A M152
Madness Crying Shame 1980 B M152
Madonna Live To Tell 1986 A M73
Madonna Live To Tell (Instrumental) 1986 B M73
Madonna Who's That Girl 1987 A M70
Madonna White Heat 1987 B M70
Magazine 60 Rendez-Vous Sur La Costa Del Sol 1985 A M62
Magazine 60 Hasta Luego Trinidad 1985 B M62
Maggie & Mai Espana Ole 1978 A M13
Maggie & Mai Lustig Ist Das Zigeunerleben 1978 B M13
Maggie & Mai En De Dandies Espana Olé 1976 A M132
Maggie & May Signorita Espangnola 1978 A M14
Maggie & May Addio Zonnig Mexico 1978 B M14
Mahalia Jackson Consider Me 1959 A1 M120
Mahalia Jackson I'm Gonna Wait Until My Change Comes 1959 A2 M120
Mahalia Jackson Get Away Jordan 1959 B1 M120
Mahalia Jackson I Have A Friend 1959 B2 M120
Mahalia Jackson (Songs For Christmas) Silent Night, Holy Night 1962 A M74
Mahalia Jackson (Songs For Christmas) O Come All Ye Faitful 1962 B M74
Mahalia Jackson When The Saints Go Marching In 1963 A M119
Mahalia Jackson For My Good Fortune 1963 B M119
Mailer MacKenzie Band Movin' 1970 A M122
Mailer MacKenzie Band Let Tomorrow Be A Different Day 1970 B M122
Mainzer Hofsänger, Die So Ein Tag So Wunderschön Wie Heute 1959 A M165
Mainzer Hofsänger, Die Sassa 1959 B M165
Major Dundee Band, The Red River Rosie 1979 A M92
Major Dundee Band, The I Bought Me A Fiddle Today 1979 B M92
Makkers, De Zomerzon 1972 A M85
Makkers, De Als je Zorgen Hebt 1972 B M85
Mal Mighty Mighty Roly Roly 1972 A M110
Mal Nowhere Left to Play 1972 B M110
Malando And His Tango-Orchestra Adios Pampa Mia 1966 A M109
Malando And His Tango-Orchestra Vivir 1966 B M109
Malando En Zijn Tango-Orkest Blue Tango 1963 A M83
Malando En Zijn Tango-Orkest Poema 1963 B M83
MAM Maternité 1986 A M54
MAM Study For Portrait Of Van Gogh II 1986 B M54
Mama's And The Papa's, The Monday, Monday 1966 A M125
Mama's And The Papa's, The Got A Feelin' 1966 B M125
Manfred Morgan Zuerst Kam Die Sonne 1971 A M111
Manfred Morgan Sag' Daß Du Mich Lieb Hast 1971 B M111
Manhattans Kiss And Say Goodbye 1976 A M127
Manhattans Hurt 1976 B M127
Manhattans, The Kiss And Say Goodbye 1976 A M134
Manhattans, The Wonderful World Of Love 1976 B M134
Manuel Heimweh Nach Der Sonne 1980 A M89
Manuel Schlaf Ein Mein Kleine Schwesterlein 1980 B M89
Manuel & Pony Das Lied Von Manuel 1979 A M1
Manuela Schuld War Nur Der Bossa Nova (Blame It On The Bossa Nova) 1963 A M160
Manuela Kleines Herz Hat Großes Heimweh 1963 B M160
Manuela Das Mädchen Mit Den Schwefelhölzern 1968 A M2
Manuela Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht 1968 B M2
Manuela Und Die 5 Dops Lord Leicester Aus Manchester 1967 A M121
Manuela Und Die 5 Dops Eine Insel Für Uns Zwei 1967 B M121
Marc & Dave Das Geht Vorüber 1976 A M21
Marc & Dave Costa D'Amore 1979 A M21
Margareth & The Moonlight Stars Excuse Me 1981 A M76
Margareth & The Moonlight Stars Ik Weet... 1981 B M76
Margot Eskens Spiel Mir Den Walzer D'Amor 1959 B M145

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