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Artiest Titel jaar A - B Kant Nummer
Oscar Harris And The Twinkle Stars Soldiers Prayer 1971 A O38
Oscar Harris And The Twinkle Stars Make This Night A Special One 1971 B N38
Oscare What's Going On 1990 A O20
Oscare Africa's Rhyme 1990 B O20
Osmonds, The Crazy Horses 1972 A O37
Osmonds, The That's My Girl 1972 B O37
Osmonds, The One Way Ticket To Anywhere 1973 A O39
Osmonds, The Let Me In 1973 B O39
Ottawan Shalala Song 1980 A O13
Ottawan Hello Rio 1980 B O13
Ottawan Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart) 1981 A O21
Ottawan Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart) (Instrumental) 1981 B O21
Oyster Saint Tropez 1979 A O12
Oyster Saint Tropez (Instrumental) 1979 B O12
Ozek's, De Nur Ein Wandermann 1960 A O28
Ozek's, De Die Blauen Matrosen 1960 B O28
P. Abraham Die Blume Von Hawaii 1957 A P21
P. Abraham Die Blume Vo Hawaii 1957 B P21
Pack, The Muchas Gracias 1981 A P73
Pack, The Limelight 1981 B P73
Paldauer, Die Das Lächeln Einer Sommernacht 1992 A P81
Paldauer, Die Mona 1992 B P81
Pamala Stanley This Is Hot 1979 A P138
Pamala Stanley Heart Of A Clown 1979 B P138
Paola Das Glück Im Leben Ist Ein Schatz 1965 A P39
Paola Stille Wasser, Die Sind Tief 1969 A P39
Paola Revolution D'Amour 1969 B P39
Paola Mandolinen Am Meersstrand 1975 B P40
Paola Blue Bayou 1978 A P89
Paola Juke Box 1978 B P89
Paradise Disco Latino 1988 A P13
Paradise The Lady Of Limbo 1988 B P13
Partner Kayuta Hill 1977 A P106
Partner City Lights 1977 B P106
Partner Pictures 1978 A P37
Partner Won't You Let Me Try Again 1978 B P37
Partner Throw It All Away 1979 A P38
Partner A Song May Tell 1979 B P38
Party Come To The Party 1979 A P90
Party Have To Go To Bed Now... 1979 B P90
Pasadenas, The Tribute 1988 A P12
Pasadenas, The I Believe 1988 B P12
Pasadenas, The Let's Stay Together 1992 A P82
Pasadenas, The More Time For Love 1992 B P82
Pasquale Somers To Be Nude, Or Not To Be Nude (Dat Is De Kwestie) 1985 A 1985
Pasquale Somers To Be Nude, Or Not To Be Nude (That's Is The Question) 1985 B P68
Pat Benatar Love Is A Battlefield 1983 A P47
Pat Benatar Hell Is For Children 1983 B P47
Pat Benatar We Belong 1984 A P46
Pat Benatar Suburban King 1984 B P46
Pat Simon Ja, Am Zucker-Zuckerhut 1969 A P120
Pat Simon He, He, He, Heute Will Ich Nur Tanzen 1969 B P120
Patricia Je Bent Niet Hip 1967 A P119
Patricia Als Dat Zou Kunne 1967 B P119
Patrick Hernandez Born To Be Alive 1979 A P7
Patrick Hernandez Born To Be Alive (Disco) 1979 B P7
Patrick Hernandez And Hervé Tholance Back To Boogie 1979 A P6
Patrick Hernandez And Hervé Tholance You Turn Me On 1979 B P6
Patrick Juvet Thinking With Your Body 1986 A P17
Patrick Juvet Broken Glasses 1986 B P17
Patrick Nielsen Väter Und Cowboys 1980 A P56
Patrick Nielsen Männer Hart Wie Eisen 1980 B P56
Patris Love Oasis 1985 A P71
Patris Love Oasis (Dub Mix) 1985 B P71
Patti La Belle Stir It Up 1986 B P15
Patti La Belle And Michael McDonald On My Own 1986 A P15
Patti Smith Group Dancing Barefoot 1979 A P16
Patti Smith Group Fire Of Unknown Origin 1979 B P16
Paul Anderson Jenny 1984 A P69
Paul Anderson Jenny (Wrong Mix) 1984 B P69
Paul Anka Diana 1967 A P41
Paul Anka Don't Gamble With Love 1967 B P41
Paul Anka Diana 1967 A P42
Paul Anka Lonely Boy 1967 B P42
Paul Anka You're Having My Baby 1979 A P43
Paul Anka Papa 1979 B P43
Paul Haig Love Eternal 1986 A P64
Paul Haig Dangerous Life 1986 B P64
Paul Hardcastle 19 1985 A P75
Paul Hardcastle Fly By Night 1985 B P75
Paul McCartney Rainclouds 1982 B P130
Paul McCartney And Wings Coming Up 1980 A P58
Paul McCartney And Wings Coming Up (Live Version) 1980 B P58
Paul McCartney Feat. Stevie Wonder Ebony And Ivory 1982 A P130
Paul Simon The Obvious Child 1990 A P105
Paul Simon The Rhythm Of The Saints 1990 B P105
Peaches & Herb Shake Your Groove Thing 1978 A P59
Peaches & Herb All Your Love (Give It Here) 1978 B P59
Pearls, The You Came, You Saw, You Conquered 1972 A P128
Pearls, The Sing Out To Me 1972 B P128
Peels, The Juanita Banana 1966 A P101
Peels, The Fun 1966 B P101
Peggy March Mit 17 Hat Man Noch Träume 1965 A P141
Peggy March Liebesbriefe 1965 B P141
Peggy March Wie Ein Tiger 1973 A P52
Peggy March Auf Wiederseh'n Und Gutenacht 1973 B P52
Peggy March Where Did Our Love Go 1986 A P51
Peggy March Who Needs You 1986 B P51
Penny Mc Lean Lady Bump 1975 A P134
Penny Mc Lean The Lady Bumps On 1975 B P134

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