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4770 bestanden (1664 artiest (en).
Artiest Titel jaar A - B Kant Nummer
Mireille Mathieu Es Ist Ziet Für Musik 1973 B M17
Mireille Mathieu Wenn Es Die Liebe Will 1974 A M18
Mireille Mathieu Wie War Dein Leben 1974 B M18
Mireille Mathieu Der Zar Und Das Mädchen 1975 A M95
Mireille Mathieu Die Glocken Von Notre Dame 1975 B M95
Mireille Mathieu Santa Maria 1978 A M19
Mireille Mathieu Glory, Glory, Halleluja 1978 B M19
Mireille Mathieu Wenn Die Liebe Nicht Wär 1979 A M15
Mireille Mathieu Niemand Ist Gern Allein 1979 B M15
Mireille Mathieu & Patrick Duffy Together We're Strong 1983 A M96
Mireille Mathieu & Patrick Duffy Something's Going On 1983 B M96
Mitch Miller Und Sein Orchester The River Kwai March/Colonel Bogey 1958 A M158
Mitch Miller Und Sein Orchester Hey Little Baby 1958 B N158
Mitch Murray Down Came The Rain 1966 A M167
Mitch Murray What Ever Happened To Music 1966 B M167
Mixed Emotions You Want Love (Maria, Maria) 1986 A M72
Mixed Emotions You Want Love (Instrumental) 1986 B M72
Mixed Emotions Just For You 1988 A M39
Mixed Emotions Chiquitita Renita 1988 B M39
Moana Quartett, Das Maui-Chimes 1962 A M27
Moana Quartett, Das Holoku-Waltz 1962 B
Mobiles Drowning In Berlin 1982 A M53
Mobiles Tiptoe In Paradise 1982 B M53
Models Out Of Mind Out Of Sight 1985 A M68
Models Down In The Garden 1985 B M68
Modern Talking You're My Heart, You're My Soul 1984 A M80
Modern Talking You're My Heart, You're My Soul (Instrumental) 1984 B M80
Modern Talking You Can Win If You Want 1985 A M143
Modern Talking One In A Million 1985 B M143
Modern Talking Geronimo's Cadillac 1986 A M81
Modern Talking Geronimo's Cadillac (Instrumental) 1986 B M81
Mona Ik Be-je, Ik Be+je 1981 A M60
Mona Een Man Met Moraal 1981 B M60
Mondo Kané New York Afternoon 1986 A M51
Mondo Kané Manhattan Morning 1986 B M51
Monica Chen Funk It Up 1983 A M44
Monica Chen Funk It Up (Instrumental) 1983 B M44
Monica West Scheiding 1983 A M56
Monica West Vaarwel Voor Papa 1983 B M56
Monique Auch Rote Rosen Haben Dornen 1972 A M40
Monique Mein Glück Ist Wie Ein Stern 1972 A M40
Monkees, The Take A Giant Step 1966 A M128
Monkees, The Last Train To Clarksville 1966 B M128
Monsoon Ever So Lonely 1982 A M47
Monsoon Sunset Over The Ganges 1982 B M47
Moosacher, Die Mir Ham's Von Sauerkraut 1971 A M28
Moosacher, Die Ohne Bier 1971 B M28
Motels, The Suddenly Last summer 1983 A M37
Motels, The Some Things Never Change 1983 B M37
Moulin Rouge Lonely Days 1979 A M50
Moulin Rouge My World 1979 B M50
Mouth & MacNeal You-Kou-La-Le-Lou-Pi 1972 A M34
Mouth & MacNeal Let Your Life Lead By Love 1972 B M34
Mouth & MacNeal Hello-A 1972 A M126
Mouth & MacNeal Take A Little Louder 1972 B M126
Mouth & MacNeal Minnie, Minnie 1973 A M144
Mouth & MacNeal I Don't Wanna Be The Richest Man On The Cemetery 1973 B M144
Move, The Curly 1969 A M93
Move, The This Time Tomorrow 1969 B M93
Mr. Campell & Family Michael 1969 A M25
Mr. Campell & Family Sarie Marais 1969 B M25
Mr. Walkie Talkie Boogie Woogie Baby 1976 A M41
Mr. Walkie Talkie Lolly Loving Cop 1976 B M41
Mud Tigerfeet 1973 A M84
Mud Mr. Bagatelle 1973 B M84
Mud Oh Boy 1974 A M139
Mud Watching The Clock 1974 B M139
Mud Lonely This Christmas 1974 A M170
Mud I Can't Stand It 1974 B M170
Mud My Love Is Your Love 1975 B M123
Mud One Night 1975 A M136
Mud Shake Rattle And Roll/See You Later Alligator 1975 B M136
Mud Show Me You're A Woman 1975 A M137
Mud Don't You Know 1975 B M137
Mud Nite On The Tiles 1976 A M138
Mud Time And Again 1976 B M138
Mud L'L' Lucy 1979 A M123
Musical Youth Pass The Dutchie 1982 A M43
Musical Youth Give Love A Chance 1982 B M43
N+M, The Lady Rappers School Rap (Ironic Version) 1986 A N23
N+M, The Lady Rappers School Rap (Do-Your-Own-School-Rap-Version) 1986 B N23
Nadieh The Right To Change 1986 A N15
Nadieh Feminine 1986 B N15
Nana Mouskouri Ich Schau Den Weißen Wolken Nach 1961 A N50
Nana Mouskouri Einmal Weht Der Südwind Wieder 1961 B N50
Nana Mouskouri Mon Enfant 1969 A N45
Nana Mouskouri Try To Remember 1969 B N45
Nana Mouskouri Four And Twemty Hours 1972 A N59
Nana Mouskouri I Am A Leaf 1972 B N59
Nana Mouskouri La Provence (Du Blühendes Land) 1980 A N4
Nana Mouskouri Des Einen Freund Is Des Andern Leid 1980 B N4
Nana Mouskouri La Provence (Du Blühendes Land) 1980 A N49
Nana Mouskouri Des Einen Freud It Des Andern Leid 1980 B N49
Nana Mouskouri Liebe Lebt... 1981 A N5
Nana Mouskouri Tanze, Tanze 1981 B N5
Nancy Boyd It's Summertime 1986 B N3
Nancy Boyd With Demis Roussos Summerwine 1986 A N3
Natalie Cole La Costa 1977 A N11
Natalie Cole Our Love 1977 B N11
Natasha Homeland 1984 A N18

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