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4770 bestanden (1664 artiest (en).
Artiest Titel jaar A - B Kant Nummer
Sweet Poppa Joe 1972 A S9
Sweet Jeanie 1972 B S9
Sweet Action 1975 A S10
Sweet Sweet F.A. 1975 B S10
Sweet Life I Get Lifted 1983 A S81
Sweet Life I Get Lifted (Instrumental) 1983 B S81
Sweet Sensation Sad Sweet Dreamer 1974 A S86
Sweet Sensation Sure Thing, Yes I Do 1974 B S86
Sweet Sensation Purely By Coincidence 1975 A S87
Sweet Sensation Touched By Magic 1975 B S87
Sweet, The Co-Co 1971 A S139
Sweet, The Done Me Wrong Or Right 1971 B S139
Sweet, The Wig-Wam Bam 1972 A S11
Sweet, The New York Connection 1972 B S11
Sweet, The Block Buster! 1973 A S140
Sweet, The Need A Lot Of Lovin' 1973 B S140
Sydney Mood Don't Stay 1984 A S49
Sydney Mood Don't Stay (Instrumental) 1984 B S49
Sylvester You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) 1978 A S23
Sylvester Was It Something I Said 1978 B S23
Sylvia Houtzager Dance Macabre 1991 A S101
Sylvia Houtzager 1001 Nights 'Sheherazade' 1991 B S101
T.C. Matic Elle Adore Le Noir Pour Sortir Le Soir 1985 A T44
T.C. Matic Act Like A Dog 1985 B T44
T.Life Shortchanged 1978 A T42
T.Life I Found My Way 1978 B T42
T99 Maximizor (7" Version) 1992 A T70
T99 Catwalk (Original Version) 1992 B T70
Tahiti-Tamourés, Die Wini-Wini 1963 A T27
Tahiti-Tamourés, Die Bye, Bye Samoa 1963 B T27
Talkatives Pickin' Up 1985 A T46
Talkatives The Ladder 1985 B T46
Tammy Wynette Stand By Your Man 1975 A T38
Tammy Wynette Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad 1975 B T38
Tanja May Ohne Vertrauen Geht Es Nicht 1966 A T111
Tanja May Junger Mann 1966 B T111
Tattoo All The Woman In One 1985 A T18
Tattoo Active 1985 B T18
Tattoo Change Of Heart 1986 A T17
Tattoo Change Of Heart (Instrumental) 1986 B T17
Tavares Whodunit 1977 A T19
Tavares Fool Of The Year 1977 B T19
Teach In In The Summernight 1974 A T105
Teach In Old Friend Goodbye 1974 B T105
Teach In Ding-A-Dong 1975 A T106
Teach In The Circus Show 1975 B T106
Teach In Upside Down 1976 A T107
Teach In Please Come Home 1976 B T107
Teach In The Robot 1979 A T24
Teach In Well Comeback 1979 B T24
Teach In Regrets 1980 A T37
Teach In Things We Say 1985 B T37
Tears For Fears Head Over Heels (Remix) 1985 A T41
Tears For Fears When In Love With A Blind Man 1985 B T41
Teaser Oh Theresa 1979 A T43
Teaser I Need Love 1979 B T43
Technotronic Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over) 1990 A T66
Technotronic Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over) (Instrumental) 1990 B T66
Ted Satellite 1979 A T52
Ted Blue Virgin Isles 1979 B T52
Ted Herold Gemeinsam Sind Wir Stärker 1983 A T59
Ted Herold Wer Nicht Wagt 1983 B T59
Teddy Jones Jass Band Der Rote Sarafan 1960 A T81
Teddy Jones Jass Band Leise Flehen Meine Lieder 1960 B T81
Teddy Lee Oh Christina! 1970 A T60
Teddy Lee Was Hab Ich Falsch Gemacht 1970 B T60
Tee Set Ma Belle Amie 1969 A T3
Tee Set Red Red Wine 1969 B T3
Tee Set Linda-Linda 1978 A T4
Tee Set Get It Now 1978 B T4
Telly Savalas Some Broken Hearts Never Mend 1980 A T23
Telly Savalas Look What You've Done To Me 1980 B T23
Tenpole Tudor Wünderbar 1981 A T53
Tenpole Tudor Sciff 1981 B T53
Terry Jacks Seasons In The Sun 1974 A T75
Terry Jacks Put The Bone In 1974 B T75
Terry Stafford Suspicion 1964 A T84
Terry Stafford Judy 1964 B T84
Theme From Rocky (Gonna Fly Now - Eye Of The Tiger) Tiger-Beat (Gonna Fly Now - Eye Of The Tiger) 1985 B R84
Theo Menten Leve De Lol! 1965 B J75
Thereza Bazar Too Much In Love 1985 A T21
Thereza Bazar Englisch Girl - Should Not No! No! 1985 B T21
Thierry Hazard Les Temps Sont Durs 1991 A T69
Thierry Hazard Le Jeu De L'Amour Et Du Hasard 1991 B T69
Thinkman Best Adventures 1986 A T48
Thinkman You Are What You Think 1986 B T48
Thom Pace Maybe 1979 A T102
Thom Pace Friends 1979 B T102
Three Degrees Dirty Ol' Man 1973 A T113
Three Degrees Can't You See What You're Doing To Me 1973 B T113
Tiffany Black And White 1980 A T56
Tiffany The Best Years Of My Life 1980 B T56
Tight Fit Back To The 60's 1981 A T40
Tight Fit Coco-Nite 1981 B T40
Tilly Jakob Liebeskummer Lohnt Sich Nicht 1964 B1 VA2
Tim Hutton The Prophet 1992 A T72
Tim Hutton This Is Then 1992 B T72
Time Bandits Live It Up 1981 A T25
Time Bandits Juvenile Aquaintance 1981 B T25
Time Bandits Listen To The Man With The Golden Voice 1983 A T73

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